Magically Thin!

There is an oft-repeated anti-fat trope which runs along the lines of:

“Well, if there was some magical way for you [fatty] to get thin that didn’t require diet/exercise/surgical mutilation/etc, you’d do it.”

Frankly, if there were such magical powers in our great ‘Verse, I wouldn’t waste them on becoming thin. If one could say, wake up the next morning and have some kind of new magical body part or body alteration, think of the possibilities! It’s magic. One could wish for:

  1. The ability to breathe fire / ice at will
  2. A dragon tail
  3. A unicorn horn
  4. Wings (working, of course)
  5. Knuckle knives a la Wolverine / Edward Scissorhands
  6. Laserbeams out of eyes
  7. Lightning bolts out of fingers
  8. Perfect pitch
  9. Horse-body (centaur)
  10. And so on….

What about you? What kind of magical body parts/abilities would you take over being magically thin?